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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our "unofficial" Start.

Up until a few days ago we had only been researching. We've browsed the internet, looking at agencies, blogs by other adoptive families, and reading up on what it takes to adopt. We've checked out a book or two from the Library. We even attended an informational seminar back in November where we got to ask a few questions.

But now it feels real. Now, we have taken a real leap. We've emailed an agency. Not just an agency - quite possibly the agency. The agency we have been researching the longest - and the agency that is really the only one in the running after every other one has been disqualified (either due to their standards, or ours).

So we settled on this one. This one has been our favorite for some time, and after we gave several others a chance, we still came back to this one. So, I typed up a couple basic questions to make sure we met qualifications. I inquired about our two biggest concerns:  1. My age.  2. Colin's military career. Have they worked with a military family on an international adoption before? Is Colin even allowed to travel there?

This was last Saturday. Today, I finally got a response. I say "finally" not because 3 days is a terribly long time to wait, but because to me, it might as well have felt like 3 months! [Yeah. I know. The entire process is going to feel like this. It scares me, too.]

But we received such good news! Only one of us needs to be over the age of 25 -- check! And they have not worked with military families adopting from our preferred country, but there shouldn't be much of an issue -- check, again!

I was starting to lose a little bit of hope. Every other agency was significantly more expensive or had stricter age requirements or something that just made it harder for us. But the one thing I was happy for was the belief that maybe all these other agencies not working out for us was just God's way of weeding out the places we weren't meant to be. So I'm okay with that. I like this agency. I really hope this is the one.

We are going to try to schedule a meeting with the woman who emailed us today. We're hoping for next week! Updates to come...