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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starting our application!

Just a little update. We're currently in the process of filling out our application. We are about halfway through, we just need to do a few more things, including narrowing down our references and notifying them that we'd like to use them, along with answering a questionnaire / mini essay of sorts about our faith (as this is a Christian agency we are using).

We're also about to finish gathering all of our documents to file taxes soon, in hopes that we can get some money back and put that towards the adoption.

And we are still making our selection for a home study provider. We have a few we are looking into, although there are still some phone calls to be made. My hope is that we will take care of the final selection of a homestudy provider during the time we are waiting for our agency application to be approved..

That's about it for now! :)


Friday, February 10, 2012

The First Drop...

This afternoon Colin & I met with Brittney (a representative from our adoption agency). Their office was having some work done on it last minute, so she called. She offered to reschedule or meet us someplace else, like Starbucks. Being from Seattle, we were sold on the idea. :)

So we went in at 1:30 to meet with her. I literally had 2 pages of questions. We asked so many questions, from "Where do we find a home study provider for our state?" to "How does your agency ensure these orphans are truly orphans, and not traffiked?" to "How long does it take to get from "this" step to "that" step?". She was so sweet and easy to talk to. She answered all our questions and then some. It was a bonus that her youngest child was also adopted from Ethiopia. She's been in our shoes, and she knows what we're going through -- how perfect is that? So not only was she well informed, but she made the whole situation more relaxed because she could identify with us and remember back on having all the same concerns and excitement that we are experiencing right now.

But, wait -- it gets better! Before I continue, let me take you back to a few days ago. There was a point where we stopped and second guessed ourselves for a few days. We were torn. What if this isn't what God is asking us to do? Is this for sure? Like, for sure, for sure? We have been praying a ton and just requesting that if for whatever reason we are hearing wrong from God, that he would close the door -- but if not, that He would make it obvious that this is it. We decided to pray specifically, too. We prayed that God would send someone we didn't know and send them to us. That they would give us a message or a sign -- something that told us we were or weren't to adopt.

So back to the coffee shop. We're sitting there with Brittney talking. Then, out of no where, a woman comes up to our table with a note in her hand, and eyes swollen, about to burst with tears. She waits for a convenient break in conversation and basically says to us, "I couldn't help but overhear what you were saying. God hasn't called our family to adopt yet, but we have a heart for orphans. I know this is just a drop in the bucket, but it's something, and I hope it can help as you start on your journey." And handed us this "note" that was, in fact, a check for $100. The three of us at the table were just blown away by this woman's generosity and that when God had clearly put something on her heart -- she listened, and she gave.

Part of me is speechless. Even still, a few hours later. I probably will be for a while. But this is the perfect example of why I'm not feeling as afraid as I probably should be throughout this process. It can be so scary to look at the fact that this adoption will cost in the neighborhood of $30,000. We don't have that. We just don't. But God chose us to partner with Him in this, and we know that orphans are on His heart. We trust that if this is His will, He will make a way. He will provide. This is not just our adoption -- this is His as well. But we're still responsible for doing all the paperwork, fundraising, waiting, traveling, and then parenting for the rest of our lives. We can't do it on our own, and thankfully God didn't design us to do it that way. Our first reliance is on Him. Sometimes He even uses sweet people like the woman in the coffee shop to show His love and dedication to us. And because of one woman's response to the prompting in her heart - we are now $100 closer to our child; $100 closer to giving an orphan a chance at life that they may never know otherwise; $100 closer to giving this unknown child of ours "a hope and a future". Woman in the coffee shop -- if you ever read this, know that your $100 may just be a "drop in the bucket" to you, but to us, it is the first drop in the bucket. It is a huge encouragement at the beginning of a daunting road ahead, filled with many fundraisers and long hours put in. And it has touched our hearts immensely. So THANK YOU.

You know, I suppose every flood starts with a single drop. And I have no doubt that God will see us through this. Not only am I touched, I am seriously ecstatic after days like today. It's more than excitement, you know? I'm excited to be moving forward with adopting, but I am also filled with pure joy. Nothing makes me happier than feeling as if we are involved in a bigger plan -- a God-sized plan -- and to see others getting involved as well. I speak for Colin and myself when I say that we are joyfully excited with anticipation to see what God can do in this situation. He is SO GOOD to us. And we feel so incredibly blessed today, and every day.  :)