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Friday, September 28, 2012

We Have a Number!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

We have received the first of many wait-list updates to come!

The numbers for October came a few days early - and we couldn't be happier!

We are ecstatic to announce that we are officially...


Now, that doesn't mean that 84 people will get referrals before us. It could mean that. Or it could mean 70 will, or 90 will.

Have I lost you yet? Here's how it works: 

Every family gets put on one list. There is no "boy" list or "girl" list with our agency, as there is with some. Colin and I are now #85 on that list (yay!). Theoretically, the first 10 people on the list could only be looking to adopt a girl, and if we were #11, but open to either gender, we'd be next in line if a boy came up. Same with any other criteria such as age or certain health risks. So we could be #50 (or whatever number), and if every single family in front of us on the list only wanted a child that was    (fill in the blank)   , and we were open to other options and a child that met our criteria became available for adoption, we would get that referral (and vice versa - if we are too specific, we could get to #1 and sit there for months). Once we get a referral (where we're matched with an available child) we'd have the choice to accept or pass it on to another family behind us in line - although families do not usually pass up referrals from what we've heard. So it's not exactly about being at the top of the list, but as we get closer, the odds for a referral will improve drastically. By nothing short of a miracle would we receive a referral any time soon, given our current standings. 

Also, some of the families are on the main "healthy child" list AND a separate list for HIV+ children. If these families accept a referral for an HIV+ child, they would be removed from the main list as well (I assume from what little I know about the HIV+ list). 

Please join us in praying this month for more referrals. Very few were given out in September, which I can only imagine is wearing on those who have been waiting at the top of the list so long, hoping this would be their month. I've heard it can happen this time of year since the Ethiopian courts are closed. Once October arrives and the courts re-open, we're hoping we'll see a surge in children whose paperwork is ready to go so that they can join their families soon! 

Thank you! We look forward to celebrating our countdown with you all!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Three weeks later...

After several weeks of (blog) silence... we're back!

Three weeks ago, we turned in our dossier, which was very exciting!

We were told that it could take about 3 weeks to get to Ethiopia. We heard from some other families that it could take up to 4. We periodically logged on to our account online to track where it was (which we could never figure out how to do). However, each transaction for shipment was charged with our credit card, so our bank account would occasionally have a new charge. So we'd think, "Well, the first charge has shown up, so it must at least be in ____ location by now, right?" We tried to "follow" where our dossier might be, but really, had no clue based solely off of those charges...

Until this morning!

Exactly 3 weeks to the date -- our dossier arrived in Ethiopia today!! I received an email this morning from our agency's Ethiopia program director that it had arrived!!!! I immediately forwarded a copy to Colin and called him to tell him the good news!!

This means we are officially on the waiting list as of today!!! We don't know what number we are, but we *should* hear by the beginning of October when the updated list of families is released... Of course, we will update when we know more. For now -- we 're just super excited!

I can't stop praising God for getting us to this next step! He has been soooo good to us in this process. If you have been keeping us in your prayers (oh, how we appreciate those!) please join us in thanking God for His goodness, too. We often go to Him with our requests -- but we want to make sure we are going to Him with prayers of thanks and exaltation as well, because HE is so wonderful to us, and HE is deserving of that praise! Thank You, Lord!

"I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me."
-Psalm 13:6