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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October [so far].

We've been pretty quiet around here, and somewhat quiet in "real life" when it comes to talking about adoption-related things. Mainly because there hasn't been many newsworthy changes, as I suspect will be the case for most of the next year, with a few exceptions here and there.

I've had a few blog post ideas floating around in my head lately. However, over the past [almost] month, we've just been catching up on life outside of our adoption. With all the paperwork and education requirements, it felt so consuming there for a while. It was definitely a busy season for us, and our adoption process took the front seat. Now, as we mostly just wait around for a year, we're kind of taking the time to catch up on the other areas of life and we've been keeping pretty busy.

We expect to get an updated wait-list number once a month, usually within the first few days of each month, but on some occasions, they'll send it out a few days early. So we won't know our next updated number until early November. Although we don't know how this will affect us and our standings, we've heard of a few families receiving referrals this month! Which is awesome, considering there weren't any last month. But *hopefully* this means referrals are picking back up. We're excited for our fellow adoptive families, as well as to get our November number to see if we've moved up at all.

For now, the only small update on our part is that we were assigned a fingerprinting appointment that we went to last week! It was for our I-600A which is our petition to bring an orphan into the United States (basically asking immigration to approve us to bring home an orphan from Ethiopia). I was a little nervous about missing that appointment (if you're a no-show they just assume you didn't want it and drop your case!), but we made it with more than enough time to spare, and everything seemed to go as well as possible. Now, we wait for an update that we've been approved through USCIS. Hopefully we will hear back within the next few weeks...

Also, October 17th marked 1 month down with waiting! A small milestone, sure, but a milestone nonetheless! :)