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Friday, October 18, 2013

IT'S A ...


& IT'S A...






Although we were #29 on the waiting list as of our last update, we inquired about a 1 year old boy on the waiting child list. It took a few days for us to receive the information, then another week+ to get the referral acceptance paperwork turned in…but we have gladly accepted! While we were waiting to get the paperwork turned in to make his referral officially ours, we decided not to make any large public announcements. Keeping the secret that we have a little boy waiting for us in Ethiopia – I cannot tell you how hard that secret was to keep!

So now, he is officially our referral. Meaning that the process for us to adopt him is beginning. He is not our child yet – not legally or by any official means. That will happen on our first trip to Ethiopia when we go to court. Assuming all goes well (it usually does!) he will be our son. Until then, for safety reasons, we are not allowed to post any photos of him, but if you see us in person, we have photos of him that we would be more than happy to show you!  And we are being very cautious about what other information we divulge about him as well. Some of that will come in time, and some of that information may never be public.
But here is what we can tell you, for now:

*He is a little over one year old.

* We are not giving out his name publically until he is ours or home with us, so for now we are just going to refer to him as “B” on here. J

*He is the most adorable baby. He has the cutest little cheeks, beautiful big brown eyes, a smile that will melt your heart, and eyelashes that go on for days…

*He was on the waiting list because he has some special needs that we are not fully divulging at this time. Mostly for his privacy until we can better determine what’s appropriate and necessary to share with others.  While B’s special needs will mean more effort on our part for getting him to some therapies, they really don’t affect anyone else right now as far as we can see. We want you to first see him as the beautiful child that we see – not with any labels. We will share with each person as we feel the need or desire to share. For now, though, it’s really one of the least important things for others to know about him!


As For Us…
*We are SOOO excited. A little nervous. Unsure of what to expect with first time parenting… But mostly just so very EXCITED. Please, be patient with me (Noelle) over the next little bit. My brain is on overdrive. My emotions are on overdrive. And I am altogether losing my mind and forgetting half of the things I need to do. I am trying to prepare not only for all the normal things that come with first time parenting, but also with preparing for two upcoming trips around the world, adoption-related things, and special-needs related things. I have so much to research, plan, and get together before we bring little B home. And the excitement of a referral only makes it that much harder to focus…

*We are estimating about 4 months until our first trip, give or take. For now, while we wait to travel, there are people in Ethiopia who will be working on their end of things to prepare for us to get there. We really don’t know a whole lot more than that, but we’ll update when we have something to share!

*We still need to raise some extra money for travel expenses! We have saved and raised a TON this past year and half, but we have just a little more to go! We will be posting very shortly about some cool fundraisers we have coming up to help us bring our little boy home! Keep a lookout for those in the near future!

Again, THANK YOU, to everyone who has helped us out since we started this process! So many of you have offered kind words, thrown us fundraisers, participated in our fundraisers, prayed for us, asked how it was going, etc. Each one of you are so appreciated, and now that we can see B’s face and know his name – it is all that much more real. This has all been for him! And we could not be more grateful.

And most of all, we just feel so very privileged to be on this journey. We serve an amazing, relentless, awesome God, who has never abandoned us in this whole thing, and we know that He is not finished yet. We are so thankful He has brought little B into our life!

-Colin & Noelle

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Garage Sale #2: Update.

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped out with our garage sale this year! Thank you to all the families who donated items and to Leatha for helping out once again! And to everyone who wished us well and prayed for our sale! Seriously, we could not do any of this without you guys! (And to the anonymous person who left us that HUGE donation in our donation jar, we wish we could thank you in person! That was so generous of you! THANK YOU!)
So the total earned through all sales and donations?  $423.35!

That is awesome news! That will almost entirely cover the cost of our home study update we have coming up next week. What a blessing! :)
Seeking Opportunity.
And while we are so thankful for the money we raised, I want to share with you something beyond the financial aspect… When Colin and I woke up Saturday morning, we prayed together. We prayed for the yard sale to go well (financially) of course, but there was one word on my mind: opportunity. So I prayed for opportunity. That was sort of my “word of the day”. I prayed that despite how much we made, that God would help us focus more on the unseen than the seen; that we would see each opportunity to share with others about adoption and see beyond the surface level of what was going on in our driveway. Obviously we were there to sell stuff and make money for our adoption. But so often in life, the things we set out to do are about so much more than whatever it is we think we’re there to do.

Unlike last year, we received no rude comments – which were something I had told myself to anticipate. Also, unlike last year, it seemed as if half the people we encountered said, “Oh, adoption? I’m adopted!” or “I adopted my child!” or “My wife is adopted” or “I’ve thought about adoption!” So many friendly stories being exchanged. So much encouragement and support. And while I was alert and anticipating the potential to talk with others about adoption, I found that most of those conversations were truly encouraging to me! The chance to raise funds AND be blessed by awesome conversations about adoption?! I call that a double-win!

What’s Next?
Since we still have so much, we plan to sell a few of our bigger, leftover items online to raise a little more. With the kids’ clothes, we plan to donate them to an event being held by our church called “Free Market” for families in our area who are in need. It’s a worthy cause, and it’s great to be able to pass-on a blessing to someone else that can benefit from these donations!

Thank you again so much to everyone who has helped us out! Honestly, we are humbled by your willingness to help and bring our child home! We appreciate each and every one of you!!