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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Giving the Gift of Family.

How would you feel if you could give the gift of FAMILY this year? We hope you are not done with your holiday shopping just yet because we have some great ideas about how you can help give that gift to children around the world this holiday season!

Africa Ornaments ($13)
First, if you are interested in helping us bring our little boy home from Ethiopia, we have a new fundraiser to announce! Colin and I have been hard at work making some handcrafted ornaments. We have 2 styles available. The “Africa” ornaments are $13 each and the “Ethiopian Flag” ornaments are $8 each (both include the cost of shipping).  Each ornament will also include a little thank-you "tag" you can choose to remove or keep attached in remembrance of your gift. We are willing to work with you to do some basic customization on the ornaments – just ask!  
If we know you personally and we see you on a regular basis we are happy to bring them to you, minus the cost of shipping of course! Simply pay via our PayPal account on the left-hand side of the blog. Follow the prompt, and enter your dollar amount. When you are reviewing your donation, notice where it says "Add special instructions to the seller" and leave us your name, address, the best way to reach you in case of an unforeseen issue, which ornament you'd like, and any special requests.


Ethiopian Flag
Ornament - $8

Again, each ornament is hand painted by us and goes towards funding our first trip to Ethiopia where we will legally adopt *B* into our family. So this gift literally helps go towards giving a child a family. How amazing is that?!

If ornaments are not your thing, might we share with you some other ways that you can give the gift of family (and hope!) this holiday season?

Interested in giving a one-time gift this holiday season?
Consider making a donation that will help empower those in need, provide resources, and ultimately preserve families which prevents more orphans -- a hugely important component of orphan care! Consider giving a gift to a family in need through Samaritans Purse, Heifer International, or Project HOPEFUL.
Consider giving a gift that helps fund or facilitate orphan care and/or adoptions through organizations like Show Hope, which provides grants to adoptive families, as well as material provisions for orphans worldwide. Might we also suggest finding a local organization like Louisville's Orphan Care Alliance, which helps advocate for children and equip adoptive and foster parents through various means . We also cannot say enough amazing things about the work being done by Lifeline Children's Services. In addition to their many adoption programs and birth mother counseling, their (un)adopted program aims to meet the needs and bring hope to orphaned children who do not meet qualifications to be adopted.
Purchase a “gift that gives back” such as jewelry from this Noonday Collection or custom watercolor artwork -- both sold by other adoptive families we know!
Interested in making a long-term commitment?
Consider starting your own journey to adopt or becoming a foster parent. For an even smaller time commitment, consider offering respite care to adoptive/foster families, becoming an advocate for children through programs like CASA, or sponsoring a child through WorldVision or Compassion.

We can’t imagine a better gift to give this holiday season than “family”. Whether that be through preserving existing ones or building new ones. And while we hope you will check out some of the great organizations listed above, we ultimately hope that you will find some place to give generously to this year.
Wishing you all a blessed Holiday Season with your family by your side!