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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Since Our Referral...

I thought it was time for a little update on our adoption since things have been pretty quiet around here the past two months. The lack of updates has been due to a few things. First, there haven’t been many updates that we can share regarding what has been going on with our case in Ethiopia. Also, we’ve been keeping pretty busy preparing for our little guy’s arrival – which is just as much an attempt to pass the time and keep from going crazy as it is to actually prepare for him to come home!

So what have we been doing?

In the midst of cherishing these last few months as a family of two, enjoying the holidays, and taking care of the normal, every-day life stuff, we’ve been in full-on nesting mode. 
As a result, our little guy’s nursery is looking much better these days since we’ve spent a bit of time painting, fixing up his closet, baby-proofing the outlets, slowly adding a few things for him to come home to, and so on...
Another thing that has consumed a lot of my time has been researching. I’ve been doing my homework on adoption-related nutrition, attachment, parenting, travel to Ethiopia (so much to do to get ready for that!), cloth diapering, vaccines, and different doctors/specialists/therapists we will likely need. Between all the new-parent stuff and all the adoption stuff, there seems to be an endless amount of things to learn, not to mention all there is to do! ;)
I have made all kinds of lists. There’s a list of things to do before our first trip, a list of things to do between trips, and a list of things I want to remember to bring to ET when we go. I’ve also written list of questions to ask and things to take note of while we’re in Ethiopia, ranging from his eating habits to his hair type to finding out if his name has any special meaning (just to name a few of my many wonderings). So many questions that I know will be forgotten in the moment if I don’t write them all down now…

As far as the “process”, we’ve had to update fingerprints, have had a few more pieces of paperwork to review and fill out, and we’ve reviewed all his medical documents with an International Adoption Clinic doctor that we’ve started working with. She was able to give us more insight as far as what to expect when he comes home based on the medical information we currently have (although nothing she said was terribly unexpected).
There’s been more of the “process” going on, but the majority of that is happening in Ethiopia, not on our end. So we’re just doing our best to follow along as we move ahead each step. (Again, I wish I could share more details about where we are specifically, but in order to protect the safety of our child and his adoption process we can only share certain milestones – many of which we’ve yet to reach. I promise we will share what we can, when we can!)

We also had great success with our ornament fundraiser thanks to many of you guys!! We raised $403! A HUGE “thank you” to everyone who helped make this possible! Although travel expenses can vary, we believe we are now fully funded for our first trip!! So, truly, THANK YOU to everyone who has helped get us here!
In December, we also spent a good amount of time applying for a Show Hope grant. We could use prayers over the next few months as we await a response. This could potentially get us fully funded (or very close)! But our ultimate prayer is for them to use wisdom in their selection process. Please join us in praying for this “round” of grants being given -- and for the awesome work being done through Show Hope around the globe!

As we prepare to travel for our first trip, we’re keeping plenty busy with all that there is to do! As crazy as it sounds I’m feeling thankful, despite that this is taking longer than originally expected. While I am ready to be done “waiting”, and while Colin and I would do whatever necessary if we could bring B home tomorrow, there is so much to do! So I am looking at this as an opportunity to be thankful for this time we have been given to prepare for his arrival. :)

Finally, I want to say thank you for being patient with us through this process. Everything seems so close, yet still so far away. To be honest, his arrival is just the beginning of the real work to be done. Adoption can be stressful, consuming, and altogether exhausting. But it’s also beautiful and redemptive and oh so very worth every tear, every prayer, and every piece of paper. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “thank you”. Thank you for giving us grace as we go about this messy, consuming, beautifully redemptive process that often leaves us too exhausted to be the people we’d like to be. The people with more time to hang out; more money freed up to participate in things; more energy so that we wouldn’t feel like mental-zombies half of the time (okay, so that one might be more for me than Colin); the people who are better about making phone calls, responding to emails, and updating their blog.  ;)
This process would be so much harder without the extra grace that so many of you have poured into our lives over the past two years. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!