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Monday, March 10, 2014

Two Steps in the Right Direction!

Today brought us some awesome and encouraging adoption news!

First, we woke up to discover that we are almoooost ready to move forward in the process to the next step! We have been in one "stage" of this adoption for what feels like forever. And we feel so ready to move on. Now it looks like we are almost ready to put the past few months behind us! We hope to soon get everything in this "stage" officially wrapped up and begin moving forward (getting us much closer to traveling and meeting our little guy!) We still have no clue when we will travel, but each step forward we take gives us a better estimation. :)

Okay, I know that sounds vague. Due to this being public and free for all eyes to see, we really cannot disclose much more than that. But let me assure you -- we believe that this is a good and sizable step forward! If you ask us in person we will be able to tell you a little more in detail about where we are specifically!

Then tonight, we received a letter in the mail from Show Hope, an Orphan Care organization that provides adoption grants. We applied several months back and had been awaiting a response ever since. Not all families get these grants, and we know families that have received it in the past, and families that have not. Based on the families we talked to, we really had no clue if we would be good candidates, or if they would deem us "in need" (although we certainly felt like we were!)

Our prayer the whole time was obviously that we'd like to receive this grant, but we know families that have been in tougher financial situations with less time to raise funds. You just never know. So we decided to pray that The Lord would guide Show Hope in choosing families most in need and that He knew would benefit most from receiving one. We trusted that if not through Show Hope, He would still provide, as He has consistently done throughout this whole adoption. He has been SO faithful, I cannot even begin to tell you all the ways...

But God, in His goodness, chose to use this Show Hope grant to help fund our adoption!!


Now the part that totally blew us away.

I have heard of families being granted funds in the realm of $3,000-5,000. Show Hope's website says that it averages $4,000 per grant. So we were hoping that if we were one of the chosen families that we would at least get a couple thousand -- truly, anything helps, right?

So imagine our shock when we opened our letter and saw this:

Seven. Thousand. Dollars.

Is this real life?!? 

We are shocked. We are elated. We are humbled. We are so very thankful.

I feel like an emotional roller coaster tonight. I have no idea how to feel. One minute I am jumping for joy, the next I am holding back tears. And it's so much more than just "money". It's the fact that this organization is ultimately investing in our family. It's one more way that God has come through on His promises to carry us through this plan of His that He set out from the beginning. It's a reminder that He has this adoption thing and that He knows our needs so deeply. What a testament to His extraordinary faithfulness and incomparable grace.

And with two last-minute trips around the world, and because travel expenses can vary, we can't be absolutely sure just yet -- but this should hopefully have us covered for the rest of our adoption! What a huge blessing to see that this grant is (roughly estimated) exactly what we needed!

Thank you, Show Hope! Thank you for prayerfully and thoughtfully considering our application, and for all you have done for our family and continue to do for other families and children around the world! Thank you for investing in our family, and in our little boy. Thank you for looking at him and his case, and at all the children who benefit from these grants, and for counting them worthy; for seeing these tiny human beings who are so often overlooked and deciding that they are so worth every penny given. Thank you.

I don't think this is going to feel real for a very long time.

But in some way, Ethiopia seems a little bit closer tonight.

Our little boy feels a little more real.

Like it's all coming together, slowly but surely, and we're starting to see a little more light at the end of the tunnel slowly peaking through...